Students - Wireless Network Change

Students who use the "IC-Students" wireless network should be aware that the network name is changing to "My-ResNet" on August 20th.

Apogee Telecom and ITS will work together to make this change beginning around 4:00 pm on Friday, August 20th. At that time, anyone connected to the IC-Students wireless network will lose their connection. Within about 30 minutes, the new "My-ResNet" wireless network will become available in the list of wireless networks. Students will need to make a new connection to My-ResNet using their Apogee account.

Students should contact Apogee at 1-877-478-8893 for assistance with their Apogee account or the new My-ResNet wireless network.

ITS Helpdesk

Originally published in Intercom: Students - Wireless Network Change.