Technology Renewal Program Cost-Savings Opportunities

In our effort to explore cost-savings opportunities, we have examined our Technology Renewal Program to see if there were any components that we might approach differently.

We are finding that the technology behind monitors, unlike the computers, is not changing that much, and with proper care, monitors can last quite a long time. In addition, as we have gone about installing new monitors, we have found that a number of departments in many cases have already purchased newer monitors outside of the Technology Renewal Program.

Therefore, after consulting with the Information Technology Planning and Advisory Committee, (ITPAC) we will be making the following changes to the technology renewal program starting with the spring 2009 semester:

LCD monitors will no longer be replaced as part of the technology renewal program.

ITS will continue to repair or replace (with a similar size) defective LCD monitors that were originally provided as part of the technology renewal program at no cost to the user's department.

Individual departments will be responsible for funding monitor upgrades or additional monitors.

This change will result in substantial savings to the College each year without having a significant impact on an individual's ability to perform his or her work. In addition, we are continuing to examine other ways to control costs as they relate to the Technology Renewal Program and expect to announce some other changes over the next few months.

Within the next couple of weeks ITS will be sending out the questionnaires for those computers slated to be replaced this spring. Aside from the change described above, the process for the spring 2009 replacements will proceed as it has in the past.

Please contact Dave Weil if you have questions about this change to the program, and Irene Scott in ITS with any general questions about the Technology Renewal Program.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to strike a prudent balance between demands on our budgets and providing the technology tools that will allow our campus community to continue to excel.

Originally published in Intercom: Technology Renewal Program Cost-Savings Opportunities.