Mobile Devices and Tablets

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices (smart phones, tablets and netbooks) are increasingly popular on campus. DIIS provides several types of services related to mobile devices:

  • Cell phone discounts for faculty and staff
  • Email and Calendar setup and configuration on your device's native apps
  • Wireless network connectivity
  • MyHome mobile - just log into myhome from your mobile device


Tablets are mobile devices that run applications to perform a variety of functions. Tablet functions range from simple as web browsing and e-mail to more complex functions, like database manipulation and file access. Tablets can connect to wireless networks and can often include the ability to connect directly to cellular data services, even when outside the range of a Wi-Fi signal. The portability of these devices allows you to access information and systems that would otherwise be unavailable outside of the office setting. The DIIS Service Desk provides limited support for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other cellular phones and tablet devices, such as help with Outlook email and calendar configuration as well as wireless network connectivity.

It is important to keep in mind that tablet devices have limited capabilities and typically don't have the options that desktops and laptops do.  As such these devices are not part of the college's Technology Renewal Program.  DIIS does not recommended or provide troubleshooting for using these devices to access Homer, Parnassus, Advance, and other IC information systems.

Purchasing Services

The Procurement Office can assist Ithaca College departments with purchasing tablets and other mobile devices.

Hardware Services

The DIIS FixIT shop, located in room 110 of Friends Hall, can troubleshoot and provide limited repair services for tablets and other personal devices.  

Software Services

The DIIS Service Desk provides basic troubleshooting for mobile devices, including e-mail/calendar configuration and wireless connectivity.  While the Service Desk can offer basic help and troubleshooting for the mobile operating system and native apps, third-party apps are not supported.  

Inventory and Asset Tracking

DIIS can enter your College-owned tablet in our inventory system and label it with an asset tag. Please contact the DIIS fixIT shop to coordinate these services.