Technology Renewal

Budget Information

Technology Renewal Eligible Systems

Computers and network printers currently in the renewal program will automatically be replaced, and departments do not need to budget for those needs.

Departments do need to plan for new standard equipment needs (including those for new staff or faculty positions) through the college's annual budget planning process. Once approved and funded, these purchases are then made by the department using the ITS Catalog in iProcurement. The new equipment will automatically be added to the central inventory at time of installation, and become part of the renewal budgeting cycle, provided that the machine meets the criteria for inclusion in the program.

Departments will have to budget for the replacement of those items not automatically replaced such as computer monitors, laptop docking stations, RAM upgrades, special keyboards, and software not included with the basic network bundle.

Custom / Non-Technology Renewal Eligible Systems

Custom computer hardware - such as wide format printers or servers - are not covered under the renewal program.  'Order on own' items such as keyboards, monitors, docking stations, etc. are also not covered.  The purchase and replacement planning of these items is the responsibility of the guardian department, using the college's regular budget planning and ordering processes. 

Departments are urged to work with IT on their special needs equipment.  IT can assist with obtaining quotes, identifying vendors, reviewing service contract details, ordering, installation, etc.  We are aligned with a number of technology vendors to obtain the best pricing under state contracts and other education incentives.