Technology Renewal

Hardware Support

Computers and Network Printers

The college purchases and supports Dell and Apple desktop and laptop computers, and HP network printers. The standard configuration for these items are listed on the ITS Catalog, and when purchased will automatically be included in the Technology Renewal Program unless departments request otherwise. Please note that the models listed are subject to change as manufacturers update their products. For current configurations, please refer to the ITS Catalog, and to the Technology Renewal FAQ regarding program information and about customizations.

IT does not support iPads and Netbooks and is not adding these devices as an option for the Technology Renewal program. Hardware in the Technology Renewal program must be able to meet the business needs of the users over the three year life cycle of the equipment. iPads and Netbooks do not currently meet that goal. Individual users and departments can purchase this equipment on their own but will then be responsible for all software and support needs

Custom Systems

Custom systems, such as servers, specific models needed for unique purposes, computers used to control specialized equipment or applications, some specific-purpose systems and printers not supported by IT, equipment not owned by Ithaca College, any printer that isn't a networked HP laser printer and items not listed on the official college computer inventory are excluded from the Technology Renewal Program and are considered cycle Z equipment.


Individual departments must budget for and purchase monitors on their own. Departments may order these items directly from vendors of their choice using an IC Procurement Card or EZ PAY. Individuals and departments can consult with IT for monitor recommendations.

Non-Networked Printers

  • IT supports HP personal laser and deskjet printers for use as attached printers in offices. 
  • IT will not network a personal laser or deskjet printer. 
  • IT supports Ikon multi-function devices. IT does not support ‘all in one’ or multi-function products (for example, printer/scanner/fax), or printers by any other manufacturer.

Tablet PCs

IT supports the Dell Tablet PC which is now available for purchase in the ITS catalog and automatically included in Technology Renewal.

Scanners, Smartphones and Cellphones

  • IT supports the HP Scanjet line.
  • Due to rapid changes in smartphones and cellphones, IT does not support a specific handheld brand or model.

Other Computer Peripherals

Other computer peripherals (projectors, monitors, speakers, docking stations, keyboards and mice, cables, external drives, etc.) are ‘order on own’ items and departments may make their own selection as to which manufacturer or vendor to use. Additional information can be found on the Getting Technology website. If you would like IT assistance in installing the item, just call our Service Desk at 4-1000, and ask to enter a service request for the work.