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The creation of audio and video podcasts is becoming increasingly popular on campus. Many faculty, staff and students are using podcasts to distribute on-demand, mobile, episodic, audio and video content. Ithaca College on iTunes U is a free way to distribute podcasts and is available to all faculty and official IC organizations.

A variety of software exists to help with this type of content creation. IT offers limited support for some applications. General questions about creating content should be directed to Digital Media Services.

Macintosh Computers

All college owned equipment comes with the iLife suite of software which includes Garageband, iMovie and iDVD. Garageband allows users to do some limited audio capture and editing. iMovie can be used to edit video files. 

For more robust audio editing software, IT recommends Audacity, a free, open source product.

Quicktime Pro is a good video editing software for the Macs. IT currently does not support this product; and, users would have to purchase on own.

Windows Computers

Currently, there is no audio or video editing software that comes with Windows computers.

IT recommends Audacity for audio editing and Adobe Premiere Elements or QuickTime Pro for video editing. IT currently does not support these products; and, users would have to purchase on own.