Common Outlook Problems

There are several common problems that may occur using Outlook; calendar information may disappear, be removed or be inaccurate. This section describes the scenarios which may cause these problems.

Forwarding meetings by organizer can lead to inaccurate information in the calendar

The meeting organizer should not forward meeting requests. Consider the following scenario:

  1. The meeting organizer, forwards a meeting request to a recipient not in the original attendee list.
  2. Because the meeting was forwarded and the recipient was not added as an attendee, the recipient does not automatically get added to the attendee list.
  3. The meeting organizer changes the time and sends an update to the attendees.
  4. The recipient who received the forwarded meeting request does not receive the update.

Instead of forwarding, the organizer should add the name to the meeting attendee list and send an update to the original meeting.

Forwarding request as a meeting attendee

When you forward a meeting request (recurring or single-instance) you received to a new attendee, the new  attendee is not added to the original meeting unless the attendee sends a meeting response. All updates to the meeting are not sent to the new attendee, resulting in out-of-date  information in that attendee's calendar.

Organizer send update so meeting information is inaccurate 

When meetings that you organize are changed, you must click Send Update to make sure that the changes are sent to everyone that you invited to the meeting.

NOTE: 1) After you change a recurring meeting, wait at least five minutes before making other changes to allow for synchronization across all invitees. 2) Outlook allows a total of 123 revisions to a recurring meeting, so keep recurring meetings to 3 – 6 months maximum.

Meeting Notifications remain in Inbox

Always process a meeting request in the Inbox so that the invitation disappears. If you accept or decline a meeting by using the meeting item in the Calendar in Outlook, the meeting request remains in the Inbox. If you do not process the meeting request in the Inbox, the following issues may occur:

  • You may be confused when you see this request later.
  • If you appointed a delegate, the delegate may not know if you accepted the meeting request.
  • If the organizer updates the meeting, the original meeting item in your Calendar may not be updated because the original meeting request was not processed.

NOTE: If you do not process meeting requests that are related to the same meeting in the order that they are received, the meeting item in your Calendar may be incorrect.

Deleted Meetings Don't Disappear

Use “Remove from Calendar” instead of deleting meeting cancellations from your inbox, click the Remove from Calendar button. Deleting the meeting cancellation from your inbox will not remove the meeting from your calendar

Personal notes are lost after a meeting update is received

It is recommended that you do not take personal notes in the body of a meeting item in the calendar. If you are an attendee, your notes will be lost if a meeting update is received. If you are the organizer, your personal notes will be sent to everyone on the attendee list.