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Turnitin Plagiarism Detection

Turnitin for IC Faculty

At the recommendation of Faculty Council,beginning in August 2011, Ithaca College has licensed Turnitin for Educators by iParadigms.  This online service reviews written work for originality as well as additional features such as Grademark®, for paperless grading.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin for Educators contains three components:

OriginalityCheck® compares submitted text against a large database of student papers, journals, and web content. The resulting "originality report" provides a visual summary of matched text and its source.  Turnitin reports can be helpful in teaching correct citation of sources and can also identify examples of potential plagiarism. 

GradeMark® is a tool that allows for paperless grading of student assignments.  Instructors can make comments, identify common mistakes, and create rubrics. NEW: This now works within Sakai and via an iPad App.

PeerMark® facilitates online peer review of student papers*.  

* PeerMark are not available via the Sakai integration.

How do I use Turnitin?

There are two ways to make it possible for students to submit their papers.

1) via Sakai Assignment Tool

Instructors using the Assignments tool in Sakai can collect written assignments from students and can choose to submit the file to Turnitin in order to create an "originality report."   The report will appear with the assignment submission.  The instructor can choose to make the link to that report visible to the student. PeerMark® is not available via the Sakai integration.  Please see the Sakai Support pages for information on using Turnitin within Sakai Assignments.

2) via

By completing the form at the bottom of the page, any IC instructor can request an account at  After the instructor has been added by the administrator, they will receive an email to create a Turnitin profile. Within, the instructor can add a class and distribute a class join code and password to their students. With that join code and password students can create a profile.  The instructor can make one or more assignments for each class and students submit papers directly through Turnitin. If you do not want to create classes and assignments in Turnitin, you can use the Quick Submit feature.

Should I use Turnitin within Sakai or

Below are a few factors to consider when deciding to use Turnitin via Sakai or You can use both but they will not be linked in any way.

Use Turnitin in Sakai Assignments if:

  • You already use Sakai Assignments tool and want the easiest set up
  • You don't want to bother with extra accounts at for the instructor or students
  • You don't need to use PeerMark

Use Turnitin via (natively) if:

  • You don't use Sakai
  • You don't mind creating an account at or requiring your students to do so
  • You want to use PeerMark or rubric feature.
  • You want to ensure students don't have access to their report
  • You want to submit papers directly to yourself through QuickSubmit.

Does Turnitin Determine if Student Work is Plagiarized?

No, Turnitin originality reports will detect which blocks of text are the same as text found on the web or from papers in a student repository but does not indicate plagiarism. Often the Turnitin report can help students learn how to better cite their sources.  For more information about plagiarism, please see the white paper.

Recommended Syllabus Statement

It is recommend that you include a statement in your syllabus such as, "All required assignments in this course may be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin or Some of the required assignments in this course may be randomly checked using Turnitin".