Majordomo Lists

Mailing list servers allow users to automatically send and receive email messages on a selected topic. Unlike traditional email distribution lists, which are manually maintained by a single administrator, users may subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from Majordomo lists by sending commands to the server. Majordomo allows campus members to receive mass emails from on-campus organizations or groups that are of interest to them.

Ithaca College faculty, staff, and officially recognized student organizations may request a new mailing list, or may request the transfer of ownership/renewal of an existing list, using the Majordomo List Account Request form at right.

Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an email informing you that the account has been created. This email will include some information on how to get started using the new account.


You may be invited to subscribe to a list, may be placed on a list as a member of a department or other group, or may browse lists to subscribe to (depending on list settings).

Browse lists


For lists that you are voluntarily subscribed to, follow these steps to unsubscribe from the list:

  • Go to http://lists.ithaca.edu/cgi-bin/majordomo?module=browse
  • Enter your IC email address
  • Make sure the “Subscribed” radio button is checked and click Go
  • A list will be displayed of all the lists you are subscribed to
  • Uncheck the “Sub” box for all lists you want to be removed from and click Apply
  • For some lists you will be unsubscribed immediately. For others, a notice will be sent to the list owner to manually remove your email account.