Training & Documentation

Enterprise Systems

Ithaca College uses several "enterprise" systems to manage the business functions of the college.

  • HomerAdmin (student information system; also see HomerConnect information below)
  • Parnassus (human resources and financial services; also see Parnassus Self-Service information below)
  • Reporting Center (Business Intelligence and Reporting)
  • Advance (Institutional Advancement)
  • Nolij Web (also known as IC Workflow - electronic document management)

System Requirements for Enterprise Systems

Web Browsers

Windows - Internet Explorer ONLY
Mac - Safari ONLY


(As of 01/16/18 the latest version is Java 8 Update 161)

Enterprise systems are compatible with the latest version of Java. Any exceptions will be noted below:

  • No known exceptions

Java and HomerAdmin

If HomerAdmin is not working, try these steps first:

  • Exit your Web browser

  • Open the Java Control Panel

    • [Windows] Go to the Start button > Control Panel > Java

    • [Mac] Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Java

  • Click the Advanced tab

  • In the Advanced Security Settings section, uncheck all boxes except "Use TLS 1.0"

  • Click OK

  • Close the Control Panel

  • Relaunch the Web browser and try HomerAdmin again

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices like smartphones, iPads and tablets use a simplified web interface. These systems are not able to provide the advanced functionality of the enterprise systems.

HomerConnect and Parnassus Self-Service

HomerConnect and Parnassus Self-Service are two components of the enterprise systems that have less stringent requirements:

  • Web Browsers - Any of the popular Web browsers, including Chrome, can be used

  • Java - Not required

  • Mobile Devices - HomerConnect is viewable on mobile devices; for Parnassus Self-Service, a non-mobile device is recommended