Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the data?

Yes, Ithaca College has control over and administers the Microsoft Office 365 email service. Ithaca College will remain the custodian of any Office 365 data. Microsoft only stores the data on our behalf classifying it as organizational data. Ithaca College and Microsoft do not scan the contents of any of your email messages (except for viruses and spam). 

In exceptional circumstances (such as for legal purposes) a request may be made to DIIS to provide access to your email in your absence (i.e. without your consent). This is covered by the College's All College Computer Use policy.

Please note however, data saved in other Windows Live Services such as SkyDrive, Instant Messenger and Office Live is stored in “the cloud” and is subject to Microsoft standard terms and conditions . This means that your data could be stored on servers anywhere in the world. For this reason we strongly advise you do not store any sensitive, restricted or confidential data in the Windows Live Services but store your data on the Ithaca College managed file store.