Adobe Departmental CLP Software Program at the Bookstore

The Ithaca College Bookstore is please to announce a new Adobe CLP software program for Ithaca College departments. This is not a program for staff or faculty to purchase Adobe software for their personal use on their personal computers.

The Ithaca College Bookstore CLP Departmental purchase program for Adobe Contractual Licensing Program (CLP) software products provides a significant price reduction to departments for Ithaca College users.

The Adobe CLP is a volume-licensing program effective for two years from June 21, 2007 through June 30, 2009. It is NOT a site license program. End users must acquire a license for each computer they plan to install the software on.

To learn more about the Adobe departmental software program, please click on the following link

Additional Adobe details and CLP software availability are available at the Ithaca College Bookstore or by email to Art Gilmore at

Originally published in Intercom: Adobe Departmental CLP Software Program at the Bookstore.