Blackboard Grouping-Section Update

ITS recently implemented an option in Homer to "group" blackboard sections together. A special transition week was in effect allowing faculty to import content from a "child" section into the "parent" course. That transition week is now over!

After August 24, 2009, instructors can still group sections together but instructors who need to recover content from Fall 2009 child sections will have to contact ITS for assistance.

Grouping training will be available in the Technology Learning Center, Friends 101 and additional information is available in the Blackboard Grouping-Section Quick Guide.

By Monday afternoon the "child" sections will be unavailable, students will become enrolled in the "parent" section and all activity for students and instructors will take place in the "parent" section. Instructors will see a combined grade book and will only need to update content in one place.

ITS recommends that instructors NOT group sections together after student activity has taken place.

ITS Helpdesk

Originally published in Intercom: Blackboard Grouping-Section Update.