Important Changes to iTunes U Public Sites

Content providers from across Ithaca College have been able to host public content to everyone in the world through the iTunes U section of the iTunes Store. Additionally, there is a mechanism to host content that is restricted to only the IC community.  Apple is requiring a transition of the public content to their new public site interface on April 12.  End users of public content will have a new interface and content providers will have to manage their public content using the new Public Site Manager.

This upgrade allows more flexibility in presenting and organizing content. iTunes U now supports audio and video podcasts, PDF and ePub files.  

The new interface will be published on Friday, April 8 between 4 - 8 pm.  After that, please report any problems accessing content to the ITS Helpdesk (274-1000 or

  • To view the Ithaca College Public site, launch iTunes and search for Ithaca College
  • To view access-restricted content, log in through myHome or

For content providers, please contact Marilyn Dispensa ( or Mark Hine ( to request information on the new ways of managing your content and possibilities for making your content more prominent and searchable on iTunes U.

Coming soon: Sakai will support iTunes U and make it possible to restrict access to only participants in a class or project site.

Originally published in Intercom: Important Changes to iTunes U Public Sites.