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Taskstream ePortfolio & Assessments

What is Taskstream?

Taskstream is the institutional "ePortfolio" and assessment system.

Student Produced Presentation Folios

Students can create presentation folios that demonstrate skills, knowledge and experience. Folios are similar to resumes but allow students to use many different forms of media to convey information. Students can create multiple folios to meet a variety of professional, academic, or personal needs.

Directed Response Folios (DRFs)

Programs can systematically assess student learning and outcomes by creating and using a Directed Response Folio (DRF). The DRF pre-defines the structure, the learning outcomes, the standards and the rubrics for student assessment. Students enrolled in programs using a DRF will see the DRF when they loginto Taskstream. Initial programs using DRFs are ICC and Teacher Education. 


Taskstream allows program coordinator to create and use standardized or custom assessment rubrics to evaluate student work and to report information in aggregate or by subgroup.  

Assessment and Accreditation (AMS)

Taskstream supports strategic assessment planning, data collection, action planning, curriculum mapping, reporting and analytics. Contact Vince DeTuri,, for questions about Taskstream AMS.

Who Uses Taskstream?

TaskStream products are used by hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, including George Mason, Northeastern, Northern Arizona, Ohio Northern, Purdue, and Tulane, and individual users within those institutions number in the hundreds of thousands.

At Ithaca College, all students will be able to use Taskstream for personal student produced presentation folios. The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC), Honors Program and the Teacher Education program began using Tasktream in  Fall 2013.

Other programs will be able to use Taskstream for program assessment beginning spring 2013. Please contact Vince DeTuri,, if you are interested in developing a program DRF in Taskstream. It takes time to develop the rubrics and structure for a program ePortfolio so new program DRFs will be available in the system at the start of every semester.