Taskstream ePortfolio & Assessments


All faculty have Taskstream accounts but will probably only use TaskStream if involved with a department, course or program that is using TaskStream for structured portfolios and programmatic assessment. Faculty enrolled in a DRF are given the "evaluator" role by default. Evaluators assess student submissions typically using a rubric. Faculty can not create Directed Response Folios (DRFs) or DRF programs.

Faculty can also create personal portfolios in Taskstream. 

Faculty who teach ICC or ITSM courses.

Faculty do not have the "author" role in Taskstream which means they can not experience TaskStream as a student does. Faculty mau be enrolled in an ICC Training DRF in order to see the DRF from the student's perspective.

Interested in Using TaskStream for Program Assessment?

If you are interested in using TaskStream for program assessment, consider these things:

  • Who is being assessed?
  • What are assessment standards?
  • Who will create and maintain the rubrics?
  • How will the students be evaluated?
  • When will the students be evaluated?

If you are not sure whether or not TaskStream is the best tool, contact Marilyn Dispensa, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Digital Instruction and Information Services, mdispensa@ithaca.edu

To request access to create a DRF contact Vince DeTuri

TaskStream Coordinators

Many academic programs use TaskStream for assessment. The assessments use directed response folios (DRFs). The DRFs are administered by TaskStream Coordinators. TaskStream Coordinators are responsible for:

  1. Creating the DRF structure that contains assignments to be evaluated.
  2. Associating the assignments with an evaluation method.
  3. Managing student (author) and faculty (reviewer/evaluator) access to the DRF.

The TaskStream Coordinators are the primary contacts for questions related to the DRF structure and enrollment. The TaskStream Coordinators are:

Academic Writing Mary Lourdes Silva Assistant Professor


EdTPA Emily Hess Field Experience Coordinator


Exercise Science
and Sport Sciences
Patrick McKeon Assistant Professor. pmkeon@ithaca.edu 607-274-1455
Education Mai An Rumney NCATE Accreditation Coordinator


Honors David Flanagan Assistant Professor


ICC Vince DeTuri Associate Professor and Director of the Ithaca Core Curriculum


Student Employment Vince DeTuri Assistant Professor and Director of the Core Curriculum



Taskstream Assessment and Accreditation (AMS Module)

Ithaca College is used by some departments for strategic assessment planning and program review of key outcomes.  Contact Vince Deturi for more information.