Taskstream ePortfolio & Assessments

TaskStream Coordinators

TaskStream Coordinators are responsible for creating, managing and maintaining Directed Response Folios (DRFs). TaskStream Coordinators can:

  • create rubrics
  • create DRFs
  • enroll students
  • enroll faculty evaluators

​TaskStream Coordinators work very closely with Taskstream Mentoring Services when setting up the DRFs. Marilyn Dispensa, Information Technology, Instructional Technology Coordinator, mdispensa@ithaca.edu, can also provide initial guidance and direction.

Important System Information

Every morning data is exported from Homer to TaskStream. The data includes courses and enrollment information. TaskStream Coordinators typically manage the enrollment through linking courses to DRFs or by individually enrolling students. Once courses are linked, nothing more needs to be done until the next semester.

Student demographic information is imported into TaskStream once a semester, mid-semester. This information can be helpful when reporting on achievements.

TaskStream is supported primarily by TaskStream Mentoring Services and in a limited way by IT. TaskStream Mentoring Services can be reached by phone at 1.800.311.5656 (Press "1" for support) or by email at help@taskstream.com. TaskStream also offers extensive documentation within TaskStream. 

Student Access

Students maintain access to TaskStream for six months after graduation or separation from the college. Student data associated with DRFs continues to be available to TaskStream Coordinators indefinitely.

List Serve

A list serve is available for TaskStream Coordinators, taskstream@lists.ithaca.edu for questions and idea sharing. Contact Marilyn Dispensa to get subscribed to this list.