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Teaching and Learning Remotely

         Teaching remotely allows faculty to engage with their students from a distance, whether it is an in-person or web-enabled class (e.g., Sakai). Learning technologies are provided on the Remote Teaching Resources page. The two main tools for teaching remotely at Ithaca College are Sakai, where professors or groups can create a site to share and organize classroom or project content and Zoom, a video conferencing tool that includes screen sharing.


          If you want to use Zoom for a class or project, go to Zoom is also in your Sakai site.


Host a Meeting


Join a Meeting:

Through Sakai

Through the  Desktop Application, Phone App, Web or Email Invitation  


Invite People to a Meeting Through Email or Application


Upload Recorded Meeting to 


How To Use Zoom:

General Support Page 

Getting Started Support Page

Getting Started With PC and Mac PDF



To learn how to use our various remote teaching services go to the resources page for more information and support material.