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Telephone & Voice Mail

Faculty and Staff Phones

IT provides and maintains the campus telephone and voice mail systems. Dialing to on-campus and off-campus numbers is available on most campus telephones. In some cases, public telephones are restricted, usually to on-campus calls only.

Faculty and staff members may have either a single line traditional phone or a multi-line D-term phone. The initial cost of a multi-line D-term phones is approximately $125.00. To request a phone line to be activated or switched, contact the Help Desk.

Voice Mail System

Voice mail is available to individual users and offices.

Student Phones

Ithaca College provides on-campus, local, toll free and 911 telephone service to students in the residence halls on an opt-in basis. Students can request phone service by contacting the ITS Helpdesk, located in 104 Job Hall, 607-274-1000. Actual telephone devices are not provided. A phone calling card will be necessary to make long distance phone calls.