Student Success

GOAL: Become a model for student success, engagement, and well-being, and help students develop their unique potential.

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Elizabeth Bleicher (faculty)
  • Jacqueline Winslow (staff)

Academic Resources Action Group

We are committed to lowering the cost of attendance for students and their families. This group will create a pilot program of open educational resources to reduce the cost of course materials for students.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Liz Chabot (staff)
  • Co-chair: Jenna Linskens (staff)
  • Ann Marie Adams (faculty) 
  • Susan Adams Delaney (faculty)
  • Marilyn Dispensa (staff)
  • Doreen Hettich-Atkins (staff)
  • Bernard Hogben (staff)
  • Dan Taylor (staff)
  • Jay Williamson (staff)  

Prior Members

  • Mark Fink (staff)

Experiential Learning Action Group

Ithaca College seeks to establish itself as a leader in practice and performance by expanding experiential learning opportunities across the curriculum and elevating student employment into an experiential, high-impact practice. This group will put structures into place that

  • coordinate experiential learning opportunities across campus;
  • improve student employment experience; and
  • establish policies, procedures, and controls around student employment.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Michele Lenhart (staff)
  • Co-chair: Jason Hamilton (faculty)
  • Co-chair: Felix Santos (student)
  • Joelle Albertsman (staff)
  • Caitlin Anttila (student)
  • Tiara Borneman (staff)
  • Lisa Corewyn (faculty)
  • Lauren Hoffman (staff)
  • Te-Wen Lo (faculty)
  • Risham Majeed (faculty)
  • Jennifer Pawlewicz (staff)
  • Jess Shapiro (staff)
  • Kyron Spada (staff)
  • Kristin Van Ormer (staff)

Prior Members

  • Michael Cauvel (faculty)
  • Barb Haff (staff)
  • Taryn Israel (student)
  • Samantha Stafford (staff)

Student-Ready Campus Action Group

Implementation of applicable elements of the Student Success Report is critical to our ability to be a student-ready campus. This group will

  • relaunch the Student Success Team,
  • develop criteria to assess academic advising at the school and college-wide levels, and
  • identify successful aspects of the Leadership Academy in athletics that can be replicated within other clubs or organizations.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Susan Bassett (staff)
  • Co-chair: Shaianne Osterriech (faculty)
  • John Fracchia (staff)
  • Katy Hall (staff)
  • Sally Neal (staff)
  • Amy O'Dowd (staff)
  • Courtney Owens (staff)
  • Erienne Roberts (staff)
  • Gisela Rosa (student)
  • Lisa Searle (staff)
  • Jordan Stecker (student)
  • Amir Tazi (student)

Prior Members

  • Judith Ross-Bernstein (staff)

Additional Goal Objectives

The following initiatives will be tackled by specific operational units and will not call for action groups to be formed:

  • Lower the cost of attendance for students and families by (1) reviewing the housing portfolio and creating a housing strategy, and (2) performing a comprehensive review of student health insurance to lower premiums.
  • Become a national model by 2024 for in-house dining plan services that bring faculty, staff, and students together for collaboration and experiential learning by selecting and collaborating with business and community partners.
  • Integrate a wellness model to support a transformative student experience by developing a structure to better integrate student health and wellness across campus.