A Destination Workplace

This goal's target is to help IC become a more appealing organization to work for, so as to attract the best faculty and staff:

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Christine Bataille (faculty)
  • Delphia Howze (staff)

These four action groups will form to achieve objectives within this goal:

Family Care Center

Developing a family care center was a major theme from the strategic planning process. This group will envision, establish, and charge a committee to fact-find, benchmark, and recommend a plan for a family care center, which will be presented to the senior leadership team.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Kirra Franzese (staff)
  • Desoni Cooper (student)
  • Rilya Greeslamirya (student)
  • Frances Harrison (faculty)
  • Eleanor Henderson (faculty)
  • Mary Holland-Bavis (staff)
  • Bill Kerry (staff)
  • Greg Lischke (staff)
  • Elise Nepa (staff)
  • Jenny Pickett (staff)
  • Caleb Robbins (student)
  • Amy Rominger (faculty)
  • Tim Ryan (staff)
  • Jeremiah Sheppert (student)

Invest in Employees

This group will:

  • Develop and deliver a comp statement in HCM
  • Expand and promote wellness policies and programs for staff
  • Expand and promote flexible work options

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Cheryl Thomason (staff)
  • Karen Edwards (faculty)
  • Michelle Hammond (staff)
  • Siena Howenstein (student)
  • George Lampila (staff)
  • Beth O'Neill (staff)
  • Sarah Mannix (student)
  • Frank Micale (faculty)
  • Melanie Reyes (staff)
  • Jess Shapiro (staff)
  • Samm Swarts (staff)
  • Amy Thompson (staff)
  • Maggie Wetter (staff)
  • Karen Witek (staff)

Research Support

Devise and actualize a plan for annual grant writing workshops for faculty and staff in support of our objective to increase support for faculty research, collaboration, and innovation.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Warren Calderone (staff)
  • Nancy Cheri-Arif (staff)
  • Jennifer Jolly (faculty)
  • Patrick Luker (staff)
  • Doug Turnbull (faculty)
  • Rebecca Emery (student)
  • Victoria Brooks (student)

Internal Communications

Improve and innovate the ways in which faculty, staff, and students are connected by identifying issues and opportunities and developing a plan to address them.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Bob Wagner (staff)
  • Benjamin Costello (staff)
  • Rachel Cutsumpas (student)
  • Laura Davis (staff)
  • Denise Fullerton (staff)
  • Wendy Hankle (staff)
  • Natalie Jenereski (staff)
  • Casey Kendall (staff)
  • Dave Maley (staff)
  • Robin Roger (staff)
  • Katie Sack (staff)
  • Ashley Stalnecker (student)
  • Maddy Thompson (student)
  • Dan Verdosa (staff)

Additional Goal Objectives

This initiative will be tackled by specific operational units and will not call for an action group to be formed:

Increase support for faculty research, collaboration, and innovation

  • Move sponsored research from the Institutional Advancement unit to the academic affairs unit in the Office of the Provost