Volunteers Still Welcome

Although the goal co-chairs and action group members have been selected, it's not too late to lend your skills and talents to the first year of Ithaca Forever!

If you're interested in joining the effort, please send an email to strategic-planning@ithaca.edu.

Implementation Team

Each of the nine strategic plan goals will have two co-chairs, who will be charged with driving the work associated with their goal and ensuring that projects and initiatives are kept on track. Because these co-chairs have a deep understanding of their goal-related work, they will also identify and operationalize collaborative opportunities among all goals and with different groups on campus.

Collectively, these 18 co-chairs will form the “implementation team” and will work closely with college leadership to ensure that the collective year-one strategic plan work advances as a whole.

A member of the college’s senior leadership team will serve as a liaison for each goal. Each goal’s co-chairs will be selected by the senior leadership team (SLT) liaison.

The estimated weekly time commitment for goal co-chairs is 24 hours.

Action Group Membership

While there are 27 year-one objectives that our community will focus on this academic year, 16 of them will require exceptional and focused collaborative effort across disciplines, departments, offices, and sectors. For these initiatives to be successfully implemented, we need members of our faculty, staff, and students to bring their energy and ideas to the table.

Each action group will have two co-chairs. You may volunteer specifically to be an action group co-chair. One co-chair will be selected from this pool of volunteers; one co-chair will be will be chosen by the members of the action group once the group is formed. The estimated weekly time commitment for action group co-chairs is 24 hours.

Action group members will be selected by the implementation design team in collaboration with the senior leadership team. The estimated weekly time commitment for action group members is 13 hours.