President Collado's Charge to the Steering Committee

From the Steering Committee Co-Chairs

October 16, 2018

Dear Ithaca College Community:

On behalf of the strategic planning steering committee, we are happy to share this update on our recent work. Since we formed the steering committee on September 27, the group has begun its weekly meetings. On October 15, during our second meeting, President Collado joined us and delivered her formal charge to the committee.

In the charge, the president frames the broader national context in which we are constructing our future. She invites us to consider these two overarching questions, among the many important discussions we will take up this year:

  • How does Ithaca College establish a unified culture of personal and intellectual transformation for students, staff, and faculty, one that is rooted in academic excellence and the relentless expectation of full participation, collaboration, and equity for all?
  • How can Ithaca College create an expansive vision of what it means to be an innovative and sustainable institution—financially, environmentally, academically, and culturally—while investing ourselves fully as a private college that serves the public good?

As our community works collectively to answer these questions and define the five-year plan that will chart the course for many years thereafter, the president also entreats us in her charge to “embrace bold realism;” “acknowledge the urgency and profundity of this moment;” and “activate an uncompromisingly excellent Ithaca College student experience.” The steering committee is honored to be entrusted with this bold and thought-provoking charge. We invite you to read it in its entirety and begin thinking about how you envision its principles and calls to action coming to life.

Help Imagine Ithaca College’s Future

Since September 27, we have collected hundreds of very thoughtful ideas, hopes, and priorities. Thank you. Please keep the ideas coming!

Our next major opportunities to learn more and share ideas are:

As always, you are invited to visit the “Get Involved” section of the strategic planning website to see the current ways to participate online or at meetings and events.

Thank you for everything you are doing to imagine a bold future for Ithaca College.

This announcement was emailed to the campus community on October 16, 2018.