The 2021 schedule reflects synchronous and asynchronous work.

Students will find community, intensive instruction, and feedback without being tethered to their computers all day.

Summer 2021 IYWI Schedule Format

Core genre classes meet synchronously about one hour each week.

Asynchronous work for all classes will be laid out in or before the first core meeting: faculty will give clear and consistent instructions for when and how asynchronous work can be completed and shared within each week; feedback will be given. 

Literary Magazine Meetings

Weekly meetings to produce the Young Writers Institute literary mag will be held synchronously three times over the course of the program.  On all other dates, students will be able to participate on their own schedule, within the agreed-upon production deadlines.

Core Genre Workshop Feedback Session with Institute TAs

Core Genre Workshop Feedback Sessions will be available synchronously and asynchronously, depending on student availability and preferences. Synchronous meetings will be available weekly on Thursdays mid-afternoons.

Open Mic and Student Readings

Live student readings will be held for the entire program Tuesdays at 7:00 PM EST, using Zoom.

Asynchronous Craft Classes

Craft classes will be asynchronous (no simultaneously scheduled meeting times). These interactive, mini-workshops will be available to students, published online for students to access on-demand, with unscheduled interactivity with faculty and other students (referred to as "feedback option").