Information Technology Advisory and Planning

I. Mission

This constituent-based group shall be responsible for advising the President on campus-wide information technology planning and priorities. This group shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a strategic information technology plan that supports the College’s mission, Institutional Plan, and academic, administrative and outreach activities.

The Strategic Information Technology (IT) Plan shall:

  • Provide a comprehensive framework for the development and deployment of information technology resources, services and support that relate to the core mission of the College.
  • Identify goals and objectives that span a three-year timeframe and contribute to enhanced learning, a fostering of community, improved services, and institutional excellence.
  • Focus on the uses and services that can be supported by information or communications technology. This plan will not address specific hardware or software requirements, but rather focus on how these tools can support interaction, creativity, and effectiveness in teaching, learning, service, and operations within the College.
  • Promote the coordination of plans, priorities and implementation of major information technology projects and initiatives.

II. Membership


An attempt should be made to include a past or present member of the Planning and Priorities Committee.
The director of Information Technology Services and the College Librarian shall be permanent members of the Committee. Information Technology Services will provide administrative and logistical support for the Committee.

Member Qualifications:

Each member is expected to take the broad view of College information technology issues rather than focusing on specific departments or constituencies.

III. Responsibilities and Functions

The Committee is a standing, advisory committee to the President. The Provost and Vice President, Finance and Administration will serve as executive co-liaisons. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and maintain the strategic IT plan in a manner consistent with the College’s Institutional Plan and in collaboration with other college committees and appropriate advisors.
  • Develop and/or review major IT projects and/or initiatives that contribute to the overall IT plan, have a broad campus impact, and/or address strategic, competitive or external issues.
  • Through the Committee chair, recommendations from the IT Planning and Advisory Committee will be made to the President and reported to the Planning and Priorities Committee and to the Budget Committee.
  • Establish measurable objectives for the campus-wide information technology plan, review the effectiveness of the plan, and make adjustments to its three-year timeline.
  • Offer continuing advice and counsel to the Director of Information Technology Services in matters concerning the appropriate use of technology for teaching, learning, and college administration.

IV. Committee Administration

  • Appointments to the Committee - The president of the College makes all appointments to the Committee and will identify one of the appointees as Chair. Nominations for Committee membership will be accepted from: Student Government for the two student members; Staff Council for one staff member; and Faculty Council for six faculty members. Administrative and other members will be nominated by vice-presidents. The Committee, through its Chair, may also recommend representatives from the designated constituent groups to be considered by the President.
  • Planning and Priorities Committee Overlap – An attempt should be made to include a past or present member of the Planning and Priorities Committee.
  • Membership Renewal - Members designated by title will serve on a continuing basis (or shall have the option of recommending an on-going representative to the Committee). Faculty, staff and administrative personnel will serve three-year terms. Student members will have two-year terms and must be at least of sophomore standing at the start of their terms. Terms of members will be staggered so approximately a third of the non-permanent Committee will be appointed each year. The President may reappoint, for one additional term, any Committee member whose initial term has expired.
  • Communications - Minutes will be kept of all meetings of the IT Planning Committee, and will be made available upon request to other interested parties. Recommendations from the IT Planning Committee will be made to the President and reported to the Planning and Priorities Committee and to the Budget Committee.
  • Meetings - The IT Planning Committee will normally meet at least two times each academic semester, or more frequently as needed. Meetings may occur during the summer months, if necessary.
  • Voting – The committee will attempt to operate on a consensus basis; however; when and if a vote on an issue becomes necessary, a quorum consisting of a simple majority will be required. The Chair will vote only to break a tie.

V. Advisors and Consultants

Input from other members of the campus community and external advisors may be provided as appropriate or necessary for the Committee’s deliberations. Persons who may meet with the Committee could include campus individuals, representatives from other committees, and consultants who may provide topical information to the Committee.