Milestone Timeline 

September 2020

  • Finalize Advisory Committee participants 
  • Advisory Committee kick-off 
  • Advisory Committee finalize action group participants, scope of work, communication plan guidance, metrics and guidance for action groups

October 2020

  • Action Group kick-off and begin review
  • Gather action group and campus engagement feedback 
  • Provide summary of feedback to advisory committee
  • Vendor demos

November 2020

  • Advisory committee review summary and provide final recommendation

December 2020

  • Provost, CFO, and CIO review of final recommendation
  • Contract review
  • Identify faculty to participate in Spring 2021 pilot

January - May 2021 

  • Pilot standup of new system by beginning of Spring 2021 
  • Training and migration support
  • Begin migration and course builds in new LMS

Dates to Consider

  • System go live Summer 2021
  • Sakai access turned off September 2021