LMS Technical Review Action Group Members:


  • Todd Blakemore, Associate Director, IT - Applications and Infrastructure
  • Eric Howd, Assistant Professor of Writing


  • Scott Erickson, Dana Professor and Chair, Marketing
  • Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager, Library 
  • Dan Taylor, Library Systems Specialist, Library
  • Vikki Levine, Registrar 
  • Rob Snyder, Associate Director, IT - Business Intelligence Architecture 
  • Andrew Siefert, Statistical Monitor, Office of Analytics and Institutional Research 
  • Ian Moore, Director, Student Accessibility Services 

Areas of focus: 

Integrations, Security, Content Migration, 3rd Party tool support, Mobile device support, Browser support, Reporting, and Analytics 


2-3 faculty, staff from various functional offices such as IT, Registrar’s, AIR, SAS, CFE, Library, others.