User Review Action Group Members


  • Jenna Linskens, Associate Director of Learning Technology


  • Olivia Shultis, Business Administration and Marketing Major, Class of 2023 
  • Candace Receno, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science & Athletic Training 
  • Chrissy Guest, Associate Professor, Media Arts, Sciences & Studies
  • David Hajjar, Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
  • Gordon Rowland, Director, Center For Faculty Excellence 
  • Hierald Osorto, Executive Director, Mueller Chapel
  • Kevin Perry, Associate Director, New Student & Transition Programs
  • Lis Chabot, College Librarian, Library
  • Luca Mauer, Director, LGBTQ Education, Outreach & Services
  • Marilyn Dispensa, Instructional Designer, IT - Teaching & Learning with Technology
  • Sally Neal, Director, Academic Advancement 
  • Valerie Ober, Adaptive Technology Specialist, Student Accessibility Services

Areas of focus:

Base functionality from instructor and learner perspectives, collaboration, course customization and facilitation, instructional use cases, media support, accessibility, ease of use, etc. 


5-6 faculty members, 2-3 students, 5-6 staff members, CFE, SAS, academic advisors