Bomber Memories

After we announced the search for an official mascot on November 19, 2010, we heard from many of our alumni about their fond memories of the various student-initiated Bomber costumes and characters that have made appearances through the years. To keep these Bomber stories alive, we are proud to share these memories with you:

The Unicorn- Early 1970s

Two students in a handmade unicorn costume showed up at a home football game. Little is known about how this mythical creature came to Butterfield Stadium, but one can see from the photo that the costume was made up of a paper mache head and a bed-sheet body. Where the idea for a unicorn came from and whether it ever made another appearance are unknown.


Snoopy the World War I Flying Ace- Late 1970s

Snoopy, the “Peanuts” cartoon character, appeared briefly on College merchandise as a symbol of the Bombers. The World War I Flying Ace donned his cap and goggles and appeared perched atop his famous dog house/Sopwith Camel, ready to do battle with the Red Baron. Many alums have shared that they still own lapel pins with this Bomber image. We surmise that the Snoopy symbol was eventually shot down over fears the College could be infringing on trademark law.


The Rooster- Early 1980s

Though we have no photographic evidence, we’ve been told that a male Bomber fan dressed in a rooster costume attended many of the home football games. He would excitedly rouse the crowds and lead popular cheers. Some recalled that the rooster would frequently go into the stands and get picked up by the fans.


The Bomber Pilot- Sporadically throughout 1980s to early 2000s

Known variously as Bart the Bomber, Buzz the Bomber, Bomber Man and probably a few other monikers, the bombardier is probably the best-known of the more recent unofficial mascots. The class of 1981 created and donated to the College a costume meant to resemble a WWI pilot. It was made up of a mask with leather helmet and goggles, a leather “bomber” pilot jacket, and a white scarf.


Members of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia music fraternity, which also coordinated the College’s pep band, donned the costume for a number of years. Other alumni who were not in the fraternity have also claimed that they wore the bombardier costume. The costume recently disappeared, and its whereabouts are currently unknown.