Mascot Conclusion Points of Interest

As announced by President Rochon, we are discontinuing the search for a mascot and will not be selecting one of the mascot finalists. We will remain the Bombers as we have always intended, though without a physical and visual representation that personifies IC’s strong school spirit.

We’ve put together the following information in anticipation of some of the questions our community may have in response to this decision.

Why are we ending the mascot search?

The purpose of the search was to identify a mascot that would build school spirit and act as a rallying point for the IC community. The mascot feedback survey showed that our IC community was clearly divided, with passionate opinions falling into three primary groups:

  • Those who expressed enthusiasm for one or more of the mascot finalists
  • Those who did not care for any of the three finalists but thought we should continue to look for other mascot options
  • Those who did not think IC needed a mascot at all

A substantial majority of the people in every relationship with IC – student, alumni, faculty and staff – would like to have a mascot, and most people in every category were supportive of one of the three finalists options. However, the minority opposed to having a mascot is large enough and impassioned enough that what began as an initiative to personify Bomber pride instead served as a wedge issue to devide us. Therefore, discontinuing the search for a mascot is in the best interest of the IC community.

Facts about the mascot feedback survey

The survey was distributed to a sample of students who have been accepted at IC and have sent in their deposits, all current students, all current faculty and staff, and all alumni who have a registered e-mail address on file with the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Total number of surveys distributed: 50,726
Total responses: 9,986
Total responses to open-ended questions: 5,111 respondents wrote 14,011 responses

Will there be another search?

We are not planning to hold another search for a mascot in the foreseeable future.

Who made this decision?

As survey data became available, President Rochon reviewed a comprehensive analysis based on the survey results. After reviewing the results and weighing the advice he received from his leadership team, Alumni Board of Directors, and Board of Trustee members, President Rochon decided to discontinue the search.

Will we be releasing the survey data?

No. We collected the survey data to inform the mascot search process. It has been used for that purpose and no further uses of the data are being considered.

Which mascot finalist received the most support?

The Phoenix received the most support by far, though all of the three finalists had their share of advocates.

How much money did this search cost?

The final cost was approximately $1,000, which included artwork drafts, the Bomber Bash event, and other on-campus promotional print materials.

What impact did the “Save the Bomber” Facebook group or the Ithaca College mascot petition have on this decision?

We value the opinions of the alumni who started these initiatives, and we regularly monitor social media and online mentions of IC in general to get the pulse of our community. In this case, however, the primary source of information that led to the decision to conclude the mascot search was the mascot survey data submitted by the IC community. Those survey results were the most accurate way to measure the true volume of varying opinions in our community. Consequently, we based this decision primarily on that survey data.

Are we considering changing the Bombers nickname?

No. As always intended, we will remain, with pride, the Ithaca College Bombers, though without a physical or visual representation.