Upper Class Seminar

As an upper-level Martin Luther King Scholar, you will use your weekly fall seminar Case Studies in Global Justice (CSCR 22000-01) to prepare for international travel and research. Following King's directive to think critically, you will dive into social justice issues that are reflected throughout the world. Each week, you will read and discuss readings that give more information about the country that the program is traveling to over winter break. Also, as a Upper Class Scholar, you will be required to develop a Comparative Case Study Proposal, which is a more in-depth topic of study that you would like to explore in the country that the program is traveling to.

Course Description

The Case Studies in Global Justice (CSGJ) seminar prepares students in the Martin Luther King Scholars Program for the study of social justice in an international and comparative context. In general, the seminar is designed to engage scholars in analysis, discussion, and writing that will contribute to the development of global citizens who have the skills, perspectives, and understanding to work effectively for social justice. Utilizing the words/works of Dr. King, the seminar also provides the academic framework that explores the connections of the giant triplets (racism, poverty, and warfare) while exploring ways to eliminate all forms of oppression. This year’s seminar will use Ghana as a case study in preparation for travel in January 2014. For more information, scholars should review the program requirements and scholar handbook.