Community Service

Building Relationships: Civic Engagement

While the MLK Scholar program does require a minimum of 20 hours of community service a semester, scholars are strongly encouraged to see their service less as a quota for volunteerism, and more as a civic engagement. This essentially means that MLK Scholars strive to build relationships with the Ithaca community, not simply the Ithaca College community. The range of activities scholars participate in go far and wide: scholars are doing everything from mentoring, to physical work, to organizational help, to specific service trips and travel. Not only do scholars seek out these opportunities, but relationships built by previous scholars makes it simple to find them as well. 

Scholars have volunteered at places like; 

  • BJM Middle School 
  • the SouthSide Community Center
  • the Ithaca State Theatre 
  • the EcoVillage
  • Moving Box Pictures 
  • Ithaca Youth Bureau 

and many more. Look in the tabs for the reflections of scholars about their many worksites!