First-Year Civil Rights Tour

During your first year at Ithaca College, you'll join faculty fellows in a week-long civil rights tour from Birmingham to Atlanta. You'll visit the locations and institutions where Martin Luther King Jr. lived and worked, meet key members of each community, and learn more about critical civil rights events.

Walking in King's footsteps, you'll not only gain a more intimate understanding of the man and his work, you'll develop profound respect for the causes advocated by people who live his legacy to this day.

Upper-Level International Travel

As an upper-level scholar, you'll travel outside the U.S. for a full week each year to research issues of social justice in different cultures. From the moment your plane touches down, you'll collect ethnographic data: photographs, audio and video, notes from conversations with residents, sketches, and journal entries of your observations.

Many of your activities will be arranged before you arrive. You'll attend presentations, lectures, and films; tour significant neighborhoods; visit social institutions and more. But you'll also have time to explore your own interests and experience the culture more personally. Back home, you'll reflect on your trip, analyze your research, and present what you've learned to other MLK scholars and faculty fellows.

MLK Scholars visiting Ecuador

South Korea, Brazil, Ghana, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain, London . . .

MLK scholars travel the globe!