The MLK Scholar Civil Rights Tour solidifies your foundation in the study of U.S. Civil Rights during the first year at Ithaca College.

All first-year MLK Scholars will be enrolled in "U.S. Civil Rights Seminar" (CSCR 12000-01) together, a 3-credit course that examines the Civil Rights Movement. You'll learn about unsung heroes of the movement, the tragedies and moments in US history that motivated the call for change, and how this era has shaped social issues today. This history also provides First-Year Scholars a context from which to understand agency and the power of will and collaboration.

Over the Fall break (October), you'll travel to parts of Georgia and Alabama, including Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Atlanta, on a guided tour that brings in class discussions to life. You'll get to meet with foot-soldiers of the movement while visiting museums and historic landmarks. Upon returning to IC, Scholars are asked to reflect on their experience and learning to develop a group Civil Rights Presentation presented to the campus community during IC's MLK Campus-Wide Celebration in January.