International Travel

Yearly International Travel is another unique aspect of the way the MLK Scholar program educates its students. Every year the program focuses on a different location around the world, and scholars take a Fall semester course called Case Studies in Global Justice (CSCR 22000- 01). This 1 credit course allows scholars to learn the history of the country they will be visiting, and make them aware of social, economical, and cultural themes. Taught by professors at IC's Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity who serve as faculty support for the Scholar program, this course is extremely valuable in laying a base of knowledge about the country scholars will travel.

Course research into the country provides upperclassmen scholars a wide berth of interesting issues, facts, and subjects about the country, assisting them in developing a Case Study in the subject of their choice. This Case Study may relate to their specific major and/or minor interests, or may simply reflect a subject of interest a scholar may be particularly passionate about. Either way, the Case Study proposes not only what the scholar is interested in about the year's location, but about what they hope to learn and prove from their cause in a greater global structure.

Scholars have traveled a multitude of different places: they have been everywhere from the Dominican Republic, to South Korea, to Brazil, to Ghana, to London, to Costa Rica- and this travel, much like the Civil Rights Tour, is extremely important because it brings conceptual studies to the tangible realm.

The international trips are seven to ten days during the January intercession. While traveling, Scholars meet with national experts and organizers, attend lectures, explore historic sites, view films, visit the U.S. Embassy, and more. Once back from the trip, scholars will not only reflect on the experience, but analyze their fieldwork with the guidance of professors and expand it into a more than worthy research presentation that will not only be presented on campus, but can easily develop into example research for various applications and opportunities.

MLK Scholars in the Domincan Republic, 2011