Project Goals

STEM students and practitioners in the 21st century are facing new problems whose solutions require integration of several disciplines in ways that haven’t been achieved in the past. After decades of successful traditional STEM education at Ithaca College we are seeing a need to add multidisciplinary perspectives to our instruction. Ithaca College is nationally recognized for our work in curricular innovation of sustainability. For example our signing and implementation of the American College & University President’s Climate Commitment to create a carbon neutral campus will be integrated into our academic program to provide experiential learning opportunities across the college. Our goals in this proposal are to:

  • Continue solid discipline-specific learning.
  • Develop understanding about the characteristics of 21st century problems; in particular those related to sustainability.
  • Develop an understanding of how different disciplines can work together to understand complex problems.
  • Develop an increased engagement in learning by tackling relevant problems.
  • Create curriculum materials to meet these goals and develop the implementation logistics that can also be used by other STEM and sustainability educators with a variety of course configurations.