Audition Requirements




Christin Schillinger
Professor of Bassoon
Office: 3209 James J Whalen Ctr for Music
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Specific repertoire questions should be directed to Professor Schillinger.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements:

  1. One complete major work -- a concerto, sonata, or suite
  2. Two smaller works (or movements from a major work) of a contrasting style
  3. Major and minor scales
  4. Sight-reading
  1. Approximately 15 minutes of music -- two or three works in contrasting styles
  2. Scales and arpeggios
  3. Sight-reading

Graduate Audition Requirements:

  • Performance (M.M.)

    Candidates must exhibit the equivalent preparation to that required for the Bachelor of Music in Performance at Ithaca College and give evidence of being equipped to perform successful recitals during the period of study for the degree program.

Prepare the following for a 20-minute audition:

  1. Mozart Concerto for Bassoon, K191
    (movements I, II with cadenzas)
  2. One contrasting work of the candidate's choice
  3. Four (4) standard orchestral excerpts
  4. Etude of candidate's choice
  5. All scales, full range

Prepare the following for a 15-minute audition:

  • One complete work - a concerto, sonata, or suite
  • Two or three additional works representing various periods of standard repertoire (Baroque, Classic, Romantic, or Contemporary). These may be single movements of longer works.
  • Major and minor scales