Audition Requirements




Jean Radice
Professor of Organ and Harpsichord
Phone: (607) 274-3649
Office: 4309 James J Whalen Ctr for Music
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Specific repertoire questions should be directed to Professor Radice.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements:

  1. Three works from contrasting periods (early Italian; French classic; north German before J. S. Bach; J. S. Bach; early, French, or German romantic; 20th-century French, German, English, or American). A typical audition program might include any of the preludes and fugues, trio sonatas, or large chorale works of J. S. Bach; a comparable work by Buxtehude or a French classic composer; and a romantic work by a composer such as Franck or Reger.

    Other audition programs may be approved after discussion with the major teacher involved. Contact the School of Music with any questions.
  2. Sight-reading will consist of two hymns. Applicants are not required to prepare a hymn accompaniment in advance.
  3. Memorization is not required.

Graduate Audition Requirements:

  • Performance (M.M.)
  • Music Education (M.M., M.S.)

    Candidates must exhibit the equivalent preparation to that required for the Bachelor of Music in Performance at Ithaca College and give evidence of being equipped to perform successful recitals during the period of study for the degree program.

  1. A piece by J.S. Bach (preferably a prelude/fugue, toccata/fugue, or fantasy/fugue.
  2. A piece by a composer from the Romantic period (1820-1920)
  3. A piece by a 20th or 21st century composer

Note: selections from the Romantic period and 20th/21st century should be contrasting (i.e. one should be slow and lyrical, and the other up tempo and technical)