Audition Requirements

Percussion (Classical)

Percussion (Classical)


Gordon Stout
Professor of Percussion
Phone: (607) 274-3427
Office: 3201 James J Whalen Ctr for Music
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Conrad Alexander
Adjunct Professor of Percussion

Gregory Evans
Lecturer in Jazz Percussion

Specific repertoire questions should be directed to Professor Stout.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements:

Mallets -- 8 minutes


  1. Two-mallet étude, comparable to or chosen from the following: Modern School for Marimba, by Morris Goldenberg ("39 Études" section); Tone-Row Exercises for Marimba, by Howard Zwickler; Style Studies, by John Bergamo
  2. Four-mallet solo (optional, but recommended)
  3. Scales and arpeggios in all major and minor keys (at least two octaves)

Timpani -- 8 minutes

  1. Étude, comparable to or chosen from the following: Modern Method for Timpani, by Saul Goodman (pp. 46-60); Etuden für Timpani, by Richard Hockrainer (nos. 10-25); Timpani Method, by Friese/Lepak (Section 3, nos. 5-15); or a solo using four drums
  2. Tuning and intonation suggested study guide: Timpani Method, by Friese/Lepak (Section 3, pp. 35-43)

Snare Drum -- 8 minutes

  1. Solo (concert style), comparable to or chosen from the following: Modern School for Snare Drum, by Morris Goldenberg (pp. 44-51); Portraits in Rhythm, by Anthony Cirone; 20th-Century Orchestral Snare Drum Studies, by Thomas McMillan
  2. Solo (rudimental style), comparable to or chosen from the following: Modern Rudimental Swing Solos, by Charles Wilcoxon; 14 Modern Contest Solos, by John S. Pratt

Drum Set (optional, but recommended) -- 6 minutes

  1. Demonstration of knowledge of various contemporary styles, including jazz (swing), rock, various Latin beats
  2. The audition normally is 30 minutes (drum set included). Substitutions for any of the above may be made by advance consultation with Gordon Stout, (607) 274-3427.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements:

Concert Snare Drum

  1. Prepared solo illustrating use of closed rolls, flams, ruffs, and rhythms
  2. Sight-reading


  1. Prepared solo illustrating use of rolls and rhythms
  2. Ear training demonstrating the ability to match pitches and tune the drums with the intervals of seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths


  1. Two- or four-mallet solo. Select music you feel represents the best of what you can perform at the time of your audition.
  2. All major and minor scales and arpeggios
  3. Sight-reading

Notes for Undergraduate Percussion Applicants

  • The duration of the audition is typically 30 minutes (drum set included). Substitutions may be made by advance consultation with the professor of percussion.
  • Percussion instruments will be provided for applicants to warm-up prior to the audition. Applicants may bring their own snare drum or mallet instrument if preferred. Applicants should not bring a drum set to the audition.
  • Some percussion applicants have very little or no experience performing with four mallets. Thus, the performance of a four-mallet solo is optional, but recommended for those applicants who can prepare a four-mallet solo.
  • Multiple percussion solos should not be performed for the audition.
  • If an applicant is not experienced in one or more areas of percussion, they are still encouraged to audition. Percussion faculty members are looking for potential in addition to great performances.

Graduate Audition Requirements:

Candidates must exhibit the equivalent preparation to that required for the Bachelor of Music in Performance at Ithaca College and give evidence of being equipped to perform successful recitals during the period of study for the degree program.

Audition is one half hour in length, and should include solos or etudes on marimba, snare drum, and timpani. Drumset is optional in the audition. If included, it should contain brief demonstrations of styles and beats. No orchestra excerpts are necessary.