Asia Audition Tour 2012

Audition and recruitment tour in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing

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Taipei auditions

Greetings from Taipei! This post will be less eventful than others, as we have little free time after the long audition days and early nights (we are still dealing with jet-lag). Our auditions are again at the quaint Forum Theatre, which is a coffee shop and eatery that doubles as a music venue. Our organizer this year is Crystal, who was patient, helpful, and a joy to be around for three days.

The highlights from Taipei are definitely centered around meals. We had the opportunity to eat at some great restaurants during our stay. One was a famous dumpling house called Din Tai Fung that served the most delicious dumplings. My favorite was a dumpling that had hot soup inside, so after you bite it, the soup explodes into your mouth. They were simply exquisite.

After eating at the dumpling house, we took a long walk back to the hotel and passed through the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. I visited this site two years ago and I am again impressed with the scale of these buildings. They are huge but have been built in such a way that you are unaware how large they are until you stand right next to them.

On the final night, we ate at a restaurant in Snake Alley called Tainan Tan-Tsu-Mien, which has become a group tradition.The décor is wonderfully gaudy and Viennese. It a very formal restaurant that allows you to pick your seafood from tanks at the front of the restaurant, tell the chef how you would like it prepared (broiled, fried, etc.), and then each dish arrives at the table. Everything was delicious.

After three busy days and 70 auditions in Taipei, we are off to Hong Kong, which is one of my favorite destinations in the world.


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