All music students are assigned a faculty advisor in the School of Music. The role of the advisor is to assist you in making decisions, and serve as students' first resource when exploring possibility of changing majors, changing schools, taking leaves of absence and studying abroad. Feel free to discuss academic or curricular issues as well as career advice with your advisor at any time. Developing a strong relationship with your advisor will help them to give you the best advice possible.

One of the most important documents that you have is your Undergraduate Catalog. This catalog serves as an “agreement” between you and the college. The requirements listed for your particular degree in the catalog must be met for you to graduate. It is advised that you use the catalog as a checklist. Mark off those courses that you complete as you meet the requirements for your degree.

Additionally use Homer to register for courses, add or drop currently scheduled classes, and monitor your academic progress. Should you encounter any difficulties with HOMER, please contact the Registrar’s Office, the associate dean, or your advisor.

For more information about the adviser-advisee responsibilities, please review the School of Music Statement of Responsibilities for Advisers-Advisees.

ForICC Requirements Verification checklist.

Want to ask a question about your academic experience at Ithaca College? Have study skills or time management questions? Stop by the Music office to visit with Kate Miller from the Academic Advising Center to ask quick questions about your academics at Ithaca College. Sign-up HERE for a time.