Bulletin Boards
There are several bulletin boards around the building. Notices and announcements of immediate importance are posted on these boards. Faculty absences are listed on the bulletin board outside the Main Office. Recital posters may be posted on general bulletin boards and on lockers, please do not post them on painted walls, doors, or glass.

The School of Music’s computer lab and computer classroom use Macintosh computers exclusively. Additionally, most faculty, staff, and administrative offices use Macintosh computers. While compatibility may be advantageous for students, it is not necessary for students to adopt a Macintosh platform in order to complete required assignments and other activities here in the school. Students in the Composition degree program however are advised to consult their faculty members regarding compatibility with the composition workroom computers. Lab and classroom computers in the School are fully equipped with software for word processing, spread sheet, database, and music notation (Finale and Sibelius).

Dean’s List
At the end of each semester, students who satisfy each of the following criteria are named to the Dean’s List in the School of Music:

  1. A minimum semester average of 3.7; freshman 3.5;
  2. Completion of at least 15 letter-grade credit hours (seniors who are student teaching must have at least 12 hours);
  3. No final grades of D, F, or I.

Your Ithaca College email account is a primary means for communicating with others in the School of Music and the College. Please check it regularly or have messages forwarded to your other personal email address.

The School of Music insures all of its own instruments, including those used by students for required ensembles and secondary study. Students' private instruments, however, are not insured by the School of Music. It is recommended that families examine purchase of additional riders on their homeowner policies to insure private instruments and other equipment brought from home.

Missed Classes
If you are expected to miss a class for a special lecture, master class, or ensemble tour, please notify any professors involved at least three weeks prior to the event. If you miss class unexpectedly due to illness or some other reason, you should notify your instructor as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that is missed. Please be aware that faculty set their own attendance policies, operating within college guidelines. You should become familiar with attendance policies for each class.

No required course in any music degree program may be taken pass/fail, except for Recital Attendance, Recording Workshop, and Performance Repertory & Pedagogy.

Student Mailboxes
In the east stairwell on the ground floor of the music building are a number of alphabetically arranged “mailboxes.”

Study of More than One Instrument
Opportunities exist for students to study privately in areas beyond those required for their degree programs. These opportunities however require additional fees. In order to receive credit for additional study, students pay $580 per semester for additional lessons. Normally, students in their first semester of study at the School of Music are not allowed to take private lessons on more than one instrument through official means in the school. Other unofficial means of receiving private study in other areas are available from members of the community and other students.

Music Theory and Sight-singing tutors are available for students. To sign up for a time, see the bulletin board outside of Dr. Cummings’ door, studio 2324.

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