Major Ensemble Information

All music majors are required to participate in at least one major ensemble every semester. Major Ensembles meet between three and five days per week, for a total of four to six hours of rehearsal; Minor Ensembles meet one or two days per week, for a total of two to three hours of rehearsal. Specific ensemble requirements vary by degree. See the course catalog.

  • Visit the Ensembles page.
  • AUDITIONS for all ensembles take place at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Unless required by their degree programs, first year students are highly discouraged from performing in more than one ensemble during a given semester.
  • CONCERT ATTIRE: Students performing in School of Music ensembles are expected to wear appropriate attire. Women in classical ensembles perform in all black, and they should consult their conductors regarding specific apparel. (For instance, Women’s Chorale has adopted a uniform formal gown for their concert dress.) Men in all classical ensembles wear tuxedos—black dinner jacket, black bow tie, white shirt, and black pants. Performers in jazz ensembles wear business attire, suits for men, appropriate equivalent attire for women.