Accompanying Resources

There are two types of accompanying resources available: those that are free through the staff accompanying program, and those you pay for out of pocket. Please note that for staff accompanying, hours are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis

Staff Accompanying Program


Vocalists may sign up for rehearsal times with a staff accompanists by following this link:

Vocal Accompanist Rehearsal Times

Staff accompanists are also available on a limited basis for Repertoire classes, lessons, and juries.


Staff accompanists are available on a limited basis for Repertoire classes, lessons, and juries. For each performance, you will be allowed at least one 30 min. rehearsal. Follow this link to request a staff accompanist. Hours are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Instrumental Accompanist Request Form

Hiring a Freelance Pianist

Students are free to hire their own accompanists for recitals and rehearsal purposes, but should bear in mind the following:

  1. It is the responsibility of the students to schedule rehearsal and performance dates and times, payment options and total cost directly with the accompanist. The contract is between the student and the accompanist. The School of Music is not responsible for any costs or payments not specifically contracted in advance by the School of Music.
  2. It is entirely up to the student to schedule rehearsals in concert halls and other reserved spaces, and to ensure that rehearsal time is used effectively and efficiently.
  3. If a student rehearses with the accompanist in the Whalen Center or anywhere else on campus, the accompanist is here as a guest of that student: as such, the accompanist is expected to comply with reasonable requests from College employees and should not remain in College buildings after regular business hours, once the scheduled rehearsal is finished.
  4. The School of Music maintains a list of registered accompanists. These accompanists have submitted contact information to the School of Music and College, and this information has been reviewed by department chairs and deans.
  5. Students should confer with their studio instructors prior to hiring an accompanist, as different accompanists specialize in different repertoires.
  6. Should issues or problems arise during a rehearsal or with a particular accompanist, student should report this to their studio instructor, the dean’s office, and/or appropriate campus officials.
  7. Students should leave rehearsals immediately if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable with any rehearsal situation and contact Public Safety immediately at (607) 274-3333. It is best to schedule rehearsals during the day, when others are around. The building can be less populated during evening hours and weekends.

Click on an accompanist's name to receive a .pdf file of their repertoire, fees, and availability. Please contact a potential accompanist if you are interested in scheduling them for your performances. Include the event name, date(s), location, and repertoire.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Name Instrument Contact Info
Bryski, Blaise Piano
Darling, Francine Piano
Gimferrer, Manuel Piano
Holzhauer, Mary Piano, Harpsichord, Organ
Kuplen, Julie Piano
Ma, Jiyue Piano
Miller, Mary Ann Piano
Miller, Nolan Piano
Mizrahi, Kerry Piano
Ostrander, Jeanette Piano
Park, Judy Piano
Smith, Zeek Piano, Organ
Watkins, Susan Piano