To request a room

Click “Create an Event” (green box), and fill in at least the Required Fields marked with a red asterisk, and any others that may help. Please note you may or may not see all the fields below, they may be in a different order, and it may look different after the first time you log in.

  • EVENT NAME: Please give some indication of the purpose of the room use, and if you don’t mind, include your name. For example: String Quartet/Joe Student.
  • EVENT TYPE: choose the most applicable from the choices. Faculty/staff choose an option that starts with those words. Student organizations (officially recognized) use that category. Student requests for other purposes use the “Student (Class/Department)” heading followed by the most appropriate type, usually “Practice/Rehearsal.” If you are going to use the system frequently, you can streamline this step by creating a single or set of ‘starred’ type(s). To do this, you have to select the type from the list, and then when it pops up on the right, click the star that will appear after a moment. You can do this multiple times to include all the types you might need. Then, back on the left, you’d click on “Starred Types,” and only those will be visible to choose from.
  • PRIMARY ORGANIZATION FOR THIS EVENT: Search for “Music” and select “Music School”. Click the star that appears by the words “Music School” over on the right. Then go back to the left and click “My starred locations.” Thereafter, you shouldn’t have to search for that and can just click “Music School,” which should be the primary organization for your event.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Should automatically reflect your name.
  • EVENT DATE AND TIME: (1) Enter the start date. In almost all cases, the “end date” below that will be the same. (2) Enter the start and end times. (If you really want to include the ‘setup times’ you can, but it is ok if the start time is the actual time you want to be able to access the room, and the end time is the time you will be gone.)
  • REPEATS: If the event will repeat, select an option and fill in the required information. For example, to do a weekly booking, you’d select weekly, then check the box for the day of the week, and select the last date you’d need it. The “Occurrence List” will pop up. If any weeks are not needed, you can change “active” to “cancelled.” “Ad hoc” refers to an irregular series of dates, which you can select on a calendar.
  • EVENT LOCATIONS: If you will frequently use this system to search for rooms, you again may wish to star some rooms once you’ve found them by searching. You can search by number or, with named rooms, by name. Click “refresh,” making sure the “hide unavailable” box is NOT checked. If the room is available, a green check appears next to it. If not, a red triangle appears. Once you have found a room, click on it so it appears on the right under ‘selected locations.’
  • LOCATION REQUIREMENTS: Check “I know what room I want.” (If you select the other option it will be kicked over to Campus Center and this will slow you down considerably...if you really do need guidance on rooms, contact Erik via email or in person.)
  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS AND SETUP: This block is not public, so if there’s anything you want me to know about this event, please include it here. If I’m not sure what a request is for, I may ask for more information, or simply deny the request, so a bit of explanation here may be helpful and save us both some time. For instance, it would be very helpful if it’s not obvious from your title that you need a grand piano to let me know here.
  • EVENT STATE: Will default to tentative, once approved it becomes confirmed.
  • The following information blocks are not usually required for this purpose, and can be left blank (or enter NA if it won't let you leave something blank):

Click Finish, review the details, and then click Save. As the screen will remind you, the room reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email that it is confirmed.

If you need to change a confirmed booking:

  • You can go in and find your event and change the state to “cancelled,” or otherwise change the date/time/location.
  • To find it, you can use the Event Search in the Quick Search box on the Home tab, using the name you gave it.
  • The change will still go to facility manager for approval/denial, so it’s not confirmed till you get the confirmation email.