To view room availability

  • Click the blue Locations Tab, and search for the room. “JJWCM” will bring up a list of most rooms, or you can search by room number, or by name. The room(s) will appear. Clicking on the ‘availability’ tab will get you a grid view of the room’s availability. You can then see the availability, and adjust the date if desired to see other dates or date ranges.
  • If you see a time on the availability grid that a room you want is open and you’d like to book it, you can click on the hour block and an “event wizard” will pop up with the date/time/room already populated for you. You can fill it in as per below and submit for approval.
  • You can also set up searches for “starred” spaces to check multiple rooms at once. For instance, if you frequently want to know if Presser or Beeler are available, you can save checking both each time by creating a ‘search’ for those spaces. To do this: click the “Advanced Location Search” Tab, then click “New Search” then “Add Criteria” Select an option from the menu that pops up, most likely “locations” and it should appear in a line with a pencil icon. Click the pencil icon to select actual spaces. Once you have added all the rooms, save the search and give it a name. You can actually set up multiple searches, so if for example, you sometimes want to check Presser/Beeler but other times want to check 3302/3304, you could do that. After these are set up, you’ll find them under the “Predefined Location Searches” Tab. Since they are affiliated with your username, they should be there when you log back in.