Music Theory Fundamentals Practice Exam & Resources

Fundamentals Exam

All incoming students must take the Fundamentals of Music Theory exam. Students who receive a score of 84% or higher place directly into Music Theory 1. All other students must enroll in MUTH 10100 (Fundamentals of Music Theory). Students repeat MUTH 10100 until they receive a grade of B or higher, or until they achieve a score of 84 percent or higher on the fundamentals placement examination. 

Students wishing to prepare for the Fundamentals Exam should see the Fundamentals Practice Exam. 

The practice exam contains five separate parts and the answers to each part are located at the end of the last page.The Fundamental Practice Exam can be found here. 

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Freshman Music Theory Seminar

Students who score of 90% or above on the fundamentals placement examination not only exempt Fundamentals of Music Theory but also qualify to take Freshman Music Theory Seminar, MUTH 10200. This one-credit course is offered during block 2 of the fall semester (from fall break through the end of the term). The course provides a seminar-style experience for freshmen with strong backgrounds or interest in music theory. Freshman Music Theory Seminar counts toward music degrees as a 1-credit elective. Past seminar topics include:

The Fundamentals Success Program (FSP)

This program combines dedicated faculty instruction with undergraduate peer tutoring. To supplement the Fundamentals classes, review sessions (on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:05-6:55 PM) provide additional preparation for the homework assignments, quizzes, and most importantly the final exam. (As FSP is not a credited course, it is not included on your academic schedule and no charge will be added to your tuition bill.) Many FSP "graduates" relate how the supplemental review sessions not only aided with their understanding and comprehension, but also were the place where they first built lasting friendships with their classmates. We have found that students who attend FSP regularly often outperform students who enter our program with prior experience in music theory.

Other Suggested Resources:

 - This site offers a variety of short lessons on various topics. The topics relevant to fundamentals include basics, rhythm and meter, scales, key signatures, intervals, and chords.

 - The tutorials and exercises on this site offer some good explanations and opportunities to learn and practice clefs, intervals, key signatures, and triads.

 - Lessons 1–10 under Music Theory Resources provide some excellent practice of fundamentals