Ithaca College Choir Performs at the ACDA Eastern Conference in Pittsburgh on March 8

On March 8, the Ithaca College Choir, under the baton of Janet Galván, will perform at the ACDA Eastern Conference in Pittsburgh, PA at the Trinity Cathedral. The concerts will be at 10:00am and 2:15pm.

The program is titled “Bent But Not Broken: Strength of the Human Spirit.” As described in their program notes, “This program was designed in a collaborative way with the conductor and the singers. During the process, it became increasingly clear that the compositions, alone and together reflect a message for 2018 and the feelings and struggles that this year has evoked. This is a program about strength in spite of adversity. In this title, we present the idea and image of a tree that is blown by a strong destructive wind, but bends with the wind so that it does not break. We discussed the sources of our strength and the importance of being resilient in spite of challenges to our bodies, minds, and spirits. We chose a program that we hope communicates with the audience and in turn, builds bridges.”

The repertoire for this program is “So I’ll Sing With My Voice” by Dominick Argento, “When Memory Fades,” set by Eric Nelson (tune by Jane Southwick Cool), “Karimatanu Kuicha” from Three Insular Songs of Yaeyama and Miyako Islands by Ko Matsushita, “Lead, Kindly Light” by Dan Forrest, and “My God is a Rock,” arranged by Stacy V. Gibbs.

IC Choir