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Composer Sally Lamb McCune

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Program Notes:
Performed by: Ithaca College Choir

I have always loved trains—not only for the wonderful sounds that they make, but also for the stories, poetry, and music that go with them. Three texts are used in this piece: “From a Railway Carriage” (1885) by Scotland-born author and poet Robert Louis Stevenson, “Crossing” (1957) by American poet Philip Booth, and “Get on Board, Little Children,” an anonymous African American spiritual. Each offers a different perspective: one from a passenger’s viewpoint, one from an observer’s viewpoint, and another from a spiritual and philosophical perspective. I thought it would be fun to combine all three as a kind of musical crossing.  “Crossing” from Letter from a Distant Land by Philip Booth. Reprinted with permission by Viking Penguin, a division of Penguin Group (USA), Inc., copyright © 1957 by Philip Booth.