Music Admissions Director Completes Successful Recruitment Trip in Asia

Over the past four weeks, Thomas Kline, Director of Music Admission and Preparatory Programs, has been traveling throughout Asia to audition some of the world's top young musicians. The trip was part of the USA Schools of Music tour, which includes Boston University, Eastman School of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music, and Peabody Conservatory.

Audition locations included Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. The group heard over 430 auditions, from which 200 students have indicated an interest in applying to Ithaca. The group spent many 14-hour days listening to auditions in order to accommodate an increase in audition numbers, especially in China.

Kline is grateful to have received support from the College to embark on this venture, now for the second year. He comments: "This trip is instrumental in recruiting international applicants for the School of Music. Last year, we saw international applications increase by 400% at the undergraduate level and 600% at the graduate level. I am pleased that this initiative directly supports IC 20/20, which aims to increase the percentage of international students at Ithaca College. I look forward to the positive impact international music students will bring to our student body."

Non-work related highlights include a visit to the Great Wall and eating fried water beetles. To read Kline's blog from each location, please visit:

Originally published in Intercom: Music Admissions Director Completes Successful Recruitment Trip in Asia.